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Final Year Project

In my final year at University, we were instructed to complete a final year project where we had to design and create a full working system that is not currently available on the web. I designed a system called Ulster Uncovered. This was a historical site where users can sign up and upload images and information on a historical site near them while providing the location of the site so that others can visit the location if they wish.

I created a brand for Ulster Uncovered including a logo which best represents the system. I then designed the website, first of all by drawing up wireframes of each page I need and then making 6-ups to design each of the more important pages and brought them to life more using PhotoShop. After that, I began coding the website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, and PHP along with mySQL. I am very happy with the finished product as it contains all the aspects that I had planned on completing. I overcame a number of boundaries that I thought would prevent me from completing the system and this shows that by persevering, anything can be done. My Final Year Project report explains everything in more detail so feel free to have a read: Final Year Project Report

View the Final Year Project - Ulster Uncovered

Another assignment that I would like to mention is one where I made a 1 page web application using HTML, CSS and jQuery on the Northern Ireland National Football Team. We were given the task of creating a 1 page web application which had to display our knowledge of jQuery so we were instructed to add as many jQuery elements and plugins to the page as possible. COM601 Assignment.

I also created a web application where I linked the Flickr API with the Google Maps API, a fullscreen API and a find location API. This assignment was used to test our knowledge in working with API's. COM533 Assignment.